Anasoft Litera 2023 Announces 10 Finalists

The jury of this year's Anasoft Litera Award, the most prestigious Slovak prize for a work of fiction, has announced its 10 finalists. The jurors have made their selection out of  123 books.

After long discussions, they picked the following books, listed here in alphabetical order according to authors' surnames:

Bodnárová, Jana, Patchwork v bielej, Aspekt 2022

Juhász, Jakub, PS, RUBATO 2022

Liptáková, Slavka, Krajina matiek, Petrus 2022

Martinčok, Dušo, Niekto sa nájde, Zrejme 2022

Moravčíková, Dominika, Dom pre jeleňa, KK Bagala 2022

Rosová, Michaela, Nepokojní spáči, Artforum 2022

Spevák, Jakub, Po funuse, KK Bagala 2022

Šikulová, Veronika, Líštičky majú rady teplo, Vydavateľstvo SLOVART 2022

Taragel, Dušan, Mafiánske balady, Vydavateľstvo SLOVART 2022

Uriková, Soňa, Dôvod na radosť, KK Bagala 2022



Among the nominees is Veronika Šikulová who received the Anasoft Litera Award in 2015 for her short stories collection Medzerový plod.

Anasoft Litera 2023 is judged by journalist Denisa Ballová, literary scientist and university professor Zuzana Bariaková, poet, prose writer, translator and children's books author Petr Borkovec, literary scientist and journalist Magdalena Bystrzak, and translator and editor Renáta Deák.

The jury said about their selection that "these are books of different authorial approach. We were pleased with precise miniatures and strong short fiction; there was, however, also a succesful family saga and high quality genre literature. This year presents a colorful gender perspective and the selected titles engage with topics like otherness, loneliness and fragility of the individual, as well as generational dynamics in rural or urban communities. (...) This year's TOP 10 offers fiction that is widely readable, but also fiction that challenges the reader – it's a steep scale and we the jury take pride in that. (...)"