Books from Slovakia Bookshelf

Dear friends of Slovak literature,

we are very pleased to announce our new presentation platform, the website Books from Slovakia. It functions as a virtual bookshelf in which you can see the spines of the titles that we have picked, and upon clicking on a spine, you will find out more about the book and its author. Each book features an excerpt of the text in a preview form, as well as a pdf that you can download and keep. The Bookshelf is a handy tool for international publishers, translators and other partners.

Our books are divided into 5 self-explanatory catagories: Hot-off-the-press, Fiction, Awarded, Children and YA, and Popular Fiction. Each category contains recently published books that we carefully selected and, of course, the Bookshelf will expand as new books are added. 

We really hope that you will enjoy our new Bookshelf as much as we do, and more importantly, that it will become a fun instrument in your search for the best that Slovak literature has to offer.