Deadline for SLOLIA Support Application

Deadline for submitting requests for financial support for publication of works in translation is July 31st 2020.

The global coronavirus pandemic has affected the functioning of the grant system SLOLIAWe have decided to postpone the deadline for accepting applications from April to July. We would like to remind publishers to submit their requests for financial support for publication of works in translation until July 31st 2020 the latestThe 5-member committee will decide on the results in the beginning of September. 

We are pleased that the SARS-CoViD-2 pandemic has not impacted the publication of Slovak literature abroad in a negative way. Quality translations of works by Slovak authors continue being published. Here are some of the books that came out in the last months: the English translation of selected poems by Mila Haugová Eternal Traffic, the Arabic translation of the book Pencho, Príbeh parníka by Jaro Rihák, the Bulgarian translation of Pavol Rankov's novel The Legend of the Tongue, the Chinese publication of Pavol Dobšinský's fairy tale The Twelve Months, Dušan Šimko's novel Marble and Granite in Hungarian and the poetry collection He Knows What He'll Do in Ukrainian by Katarína Kucbelová


Barbora Németh