Financial Grant for a Sample Translation into Nordic Languages

The grant covers the translation fee for the sample from a work that the translator aims to translate in its entirety.

New application deadline: August 15th 2020


The grant for translation of a sample from a Slovak literary work into Nordic languages (Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Danish) allows professionals in the field of literary translation to apply for financial support without a signed contract with a publisher. 

The grant covers the translation fee for the sample from a work that the translator aims to translate in its entirety. The sample translation can be of help when it comes to negotiations with prospective publishers. 

A fee of 20 Euro per standard page (1800 characters) applies to samples of 15 - 25 standard pages of translation. 

A recipient of the grant for a sample translation is automatically eligible for the SCUP translation residency in Bratislava. 




Application deadline: July 31st 2020

Announcing of the awarded applicants: August 3rd 2020

Translation submission: September 15th 2020


The application must include:

a/ CV and contact information (phone number, email, address)

b/ chosen sample in Slovak language

c/ motivation letter explaining why the applicant chose to translate the selected work 

d/ written proposal detailing the next steps to assert the book within specific publishing houses and an explanation of the choice (former collaboration or communication, the publisher's profile and such)


The application must be submittted either by mail or by email until July 31st 2020.


Literárne informačné centrum:

Námestie SNP 12

81102 Bratislava

Slovenská republika


• The chosen work has to be original Slovak fiction, an essay, reportage or children's or YA book. (The call does not include poetry and scientific literature.) 

• The chosen work must not be previously published in the language of translation. This also applies to works that already have a signed license contract. The chosen sample must not be previously published in magazines or anthologies in the following languages: Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, Danish and Norwegian. We do not accept samples that The Literary Information Centre (LIC) has commissioned from the translator and paid for in the past.

• The Literary Information Centre acquires rights to the translation of the sample and may use it for promotional purposes and materials. 

• The grant will be paid out after the translator submits the translated sample in the required quality and within the deadline (Sept 19, 2020). 

• Translators with no published translation so far are also eligible to apply for the grant. 




To learn more about the SCUP residency and its conditions, please visit our SCUP site