The First Translator Residency TROJICA AIR

The residency hosted by LIC welcomed its first translator. Below you can find more information about the project and a short interview. 

On December 3rd 2019, the selection of residents for the translator artist-in-residence program in Banská Štiavnica has been announced on our website. TROJICA artist in residence is part of Almázia Štiavnica: Mesto kultúry 2019 and it has been realized in collaboration with the town of Banská Štiavnica and the project BANSKÁ ST A NICA and with support of FPU, Fond na podporu umenia. The project is curated and organized by LIC, with the project coordinator Katarína Balcarová Kucbelová. The first resident (January 16th - February 15th) was Weronika Gogola. 

The Polish writer and translator has debuted with the well-received book Po troškách which is soon coming out in Slovak translation and which already exists in Czech. She translated into Polish the books of Ján Púček, Marek Vadas and Maroš Krajňak. In Banská Štiavnica, she will be working on the translation of Daniel Majling's Ruzká klazika.


Why did you choose to translate Ruzká klazika? In what way can this book be interesting to Polish readers?

I like to translate things that I enjoy. I really enjoyed this book so the decision was quite easy. I have submitted the text to a test with the Polish readers since I have begun to translate it at a translation seminar in Poland. I presented one chapter there and the translators were all excited about it and persuaded me to seek out a publisher immediately. So it looks like the book might be well received in Poland. I really hope it will be. I think this type of humor is missing in Polish literature. 


What poses the biggest challenge? 

To pass it along with the humor intact. It cannot be lost. I have also encoutered some technical difficulties, e.g. how to transcribe the Russian names. I have to consult with translators from the Russian language. 


Is the residency a good fit for you? Are you able to better concentrate?

Yes, the resideny offers the best conditions for my work, there are no distractions. And Štiavnica in the winter is probably the best place for this type of work. Its atmosphere enhances it. 

What are some other projects you are working on these days?

I am just finishing my book of reportages about Slovakia. It will be published by the Polish publishing house Czarne. I am handing it in this week, so I switch between the translation and my own writing. If there is some time left, I would like to write a short story that takes place in Banská Štiavnica. If I can't make it now, I will surely write it when I get home. This place is really great for people who are devoted to literature. 


During each residency an event will take place in Banská Štiavnica where the author-translator duo will be introduced. Weronika Gogola and Daniel Majling will meet on February 14th in Eleuzína at Horná ružová 1. The project is supported by Fond na podporu umenia as its main partner. Entry is free. The author of the graphic concept of the event is  Kristína Kubáňová, the Trojica Air logo was designed by Palo and Janka Bálik


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