International translation seminar in Kremnica

From 27 to 31 May 2024, a translation seminar takes place in Kremnica, organised by the civic association Mona Sentimental in cooperation with other partners. In addition to Slovak translators, the guests will include local authors and representatives of literary science and criticism.

Well-known personalities from the translation community who are engaged in the translation of Slovak fiction — Mirko Kraetsch, Marie T. Cermann, Julia Sherwood, Tünde Mészáros, Krzysztof Wołosiuk and others will deal with issues related to the translation of literary texts into foreign languages, mainly Polish, Czech, Hungarian, German and English. 

The program includes discussions with Slovak authors Katarína Kucbelová, Michal Hvorecký, Richard Pupala and Veronika Šikulová and their translators. Complementary lectures on latest trends in Slovak literature and its reception abroad will be led by literary scholars and theoreticians: Radoslav Passia, Magdolna Balogh, Andrej Zahorák, Szilvia Szarka and Lubomír Machala

How to promote Slovak texts in foreign publishing houses and comparing experiences in cooperation with publishing houses in different countries will be an important discussion topic.

The event is held on the occasion of the 200th birth anniversary of the writer, publicist, doctor and traveller Gustav Kazimír Zechenter Laskomerský, who lived and worked in Kremnica. As part of the Zechenter Week, many other interesting events will take place in Kremnica and the project European Literary House Zechenter will be presented.

Medzinárodný prekladateľský seminár v Kremnici