Jana Karšaiová at literary festival in Gavoi

Sardinia welcomes guests of the 18th edition of the literary festival The Island of Stories / L´ Isola delle Storie

After a 2-year hiatus the popular literary festival The Island of Stories / L´Isola delle Storie will take place in the town of Gavoi in the Sardinian inland from 4 to 7 July.

The festival is a place where communication flows limitlessly and where guests, writers, journalists and musicians from around the globe passionately tell their stories.

In the past, numerous Slovak authors have presented their books in Italian translation here (Ivan Štrpka, Jana Beňová, Pavel RankovSvetlana Žuchová).

This year, Slovakia will be represented by Jana Karšaiová, a Slovak writer living in Italy and writing in Italian. She was nominated for the prestigious prize Premio Strega for her debut novel Velvet Divorce (Divorzio di velluto, Feltrinelli 2022) in 2022.

The author’s participation at the festival is organised by the Slovak Institute in Rome and the Slovak Literary Centre.

Part of the festival is the Concert for Europe on 4 July. It is a performance of jazz musicians from the member countries of the EUNIC Rome cluster under the direction of Slovak jazz saxophonist Nikolaj Nikitin.

The event is organised by the Slovak Institute in Rome, the Czech Centre in Rome, the Polish Institute in Rome and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Rome together with the Ukrainian Embassy in Italy and the festival committee Island of Stories in Gavoi.


More information: https://www.isoladellestorie.it/