The Katowice Book Fair with its unique atmosphere of the city’s cultural zone, rich and diverse program, high attendance, unparalleled quality of the premises and last but not least with an experienced organizer has all the prerequisites to become an iconic literary event in Silesia.

 In 2022 the special guest of this fair was Ukraine and in 2023 it is free Belarus.

Slovak literature will have its say on Saturday.

With the support of the Slovak Literary Centre, the poet, publisher and lecturer of Slovak language Peter Milčák will perform on the Forum B stage early in the afternoon. At the event entitled Slow Movement of the Pawns, he will not only present his collection Blood Brothers /Wolno, 2020/, but also a general overview of Slovak poetry in Polish translation.

Shortly afterwards, the war reporter Tomáš Forró will introduce himself to the audience on the Forum A stage. He will be a guest of Czarne Publishing House and will present the Polish translation of his book The Golden Fever. Venezuela - from Oil Superpower to the Decline of Human Civilization.