Lit_cast Slovakia #14 with Ľudmila Pánisová

In Lit_Cast Slovakia # 14 translation studies scholar Ľudmila Pánisová talks to Julia Sherwood about the legacy of Professor Anton Popovič and the need to treat the source text with respect; she welcomes the growing number of English translations of Slovak literature and suggests that more writing from the interwar and postwar period, as well as crime stories and books for children and young adults should be translated.


Background notes


Ľudmila Pánisová

Slovenská literatúra v anglickom preklade – história a súčasnosť (1832-2013) / Slovak Literature in English Translation – Past and Present (1832 – 2013).

Anton Popovič

František Švantner

Alfonz Bednár

Peter Karvaš

Dominik Tatarka

Rudolf Sloboda

Dušan Mitana