Lit_cast Slovakia #17 with Mária Modrovich

In Lit_Cast Slovakia 17 writer and editor Mária Modrovich talks to Julia Sherwood about the works of literature and cinema that have inspired her writing, about Slovak literary prizes and festivals and the literary scene in New York City, as well as about helping people to navigate the waters of Slovak literature through the website Books from Slovakia.


Background notes



Mária Modrovich

    Rozhovor s členkou kultu (Interview with a Cult Member) Drewo a Srd, 2019

    Flešbek  (Flashback), Drewo a Srd, 2017

    Tichý režim (Silent Mode) Drewo a Srd, 2013

    Lu a Mira (Lu and Mira),  KK Bagala, 2011

Video interview with Mária Modrovich (in Slovak)

Books from Slovakia

Ypsalon Writers‘ Festival  

Novotvar Literary Festival

Medziriadky platform for young literature and literary festival

Drewo a Srd publishing house

KK Bagala Koloman Kertész Bagala’s publishing house

Poviedka, KK Bagala’s short story competition

Peter Šulej

Michal Tallo

Mária Ferenčuhová

Pavol Rankov

Petra Hůlová

    Stručné dějiny hnutí (A Brief History of the Movement) Torst, 2018

Anne Carson  at Novotvar

David Foster WallaceBrief Interviews with Hideous Men

Jane CampionTop of the Lake

   U.G. Krishnamurti