Lit_cast Slovakia #24: Peter Petro

In LIT_cast Slovakia 24, literature scholar, translator and one-time rock band member Peter Petro admits to being baffled by the mysterious link between Slavonic studies and rock music. He further talks to Julia Sherwood about about the difficulties in finding publishers for Slovak books in English, praises the natural beauty of Vancouver and the kindness of Canadians and pleads for fair pay for authors and translators.



Peter Petro

              Interview on LIC website

              Interview with the Vancouver Sun

The Beatmen

              Let’s Make a Summer (Music: Peter Petro, Lyrics: Dežo Ursíny)

              Mám ju rád (She Loves You)

Milan Kundera

Žert (The Joke)

Witold Gombrowicz



Dominik Tatarka

              Démon súhlasu (The Demon of Consent) trans. Peter Petro

Martin Milan Šimečka

              The Year of the Frog trans. Peter Petro

Peter Pišťanek

Excerpt from Rivers of Babylon, trans. Peter Petro

Peter Darovec: On, Pišťanek

Viliam Klimáček

              The Hot Summer of 1968 Horúce leto 68 trans. Peter Petro