Lit_cast Slovakia #8 with Michael Stein

The eighth edition of our English podcast. 

In Lit_Cast Slovakia #8 writer and journalist Michael Stein talks to Julia Sherwood about Central European sensibility, the surreal sight of a tourist-free Prague and the unforced surrealism in the writing of Uršuľa Kovalyk as well as subtle irony of Jana Juráňová,  and recommends his other favourite Slovak writers Pavol Rankov, Dušan Mitana, Peter Karpinský and Ondrej Štefánik.



Background notes


Michael Stein


Uršuľa Kovalyk

Interview and review of The Night Circus and other stories, trans. Julia and Peter Sherwood


Jana Juráňová

Excerpt from Žila som s Hviezdoslavom (Ilona. My Life with the Bard, trans. Julia and Peter Sherwood


Pavol Rankov

Excerpt from Miesta, čo nie sú na mape (Places That Are Not On the Map), trans. Magdaléna Mullek


Dušan Mitana

„V električke“ („On a Tram“), trans. Magdaléna Mullek

Signs“, from Nezvestný (Missing)


Peter Karpinský

„Shadow Play“, trans. Charles Sabatos


Ondrej Štefánik

To Sacrifice Yourself for Someone Else“, trans. Luba Spear-Piackova and Mária Modrovich

Man on the Toilet“, trans. Janet Livingstone

Excerpt from Som Paula (My Name is Paula)