Lit_cast Slovakia with Lucia Duero

In Lit_Cast Slovakia #16 writer and translator Lucia Duero talks to Julia Sherwood about the chance encounter in Spain that led her from Slovakia to Mexico, and navigating cultural differences between these two countries. She discusses her favourite Slovak poets whom she has introduced to Spanish readers through her translations, and to the Anglophone public through the journal Tupelo Quarterly and talks about the irrational criteria she uses to choose the authors she translates regardless of commercial considerations, and why she enjoys translating without a contract with a publisher.


Background notes

Lucia Duero’s website

Tupelo Quarterly, Slovak poetry feature Fragments of a Vanishing Speech


Katarína Kucbelová

              Malé veľké mesto

      Una pequeña gran ciudad trans. Into Spanish by Lucia Duero

Michal Habaj

              Nostalgia o Invierno en Bratislava   trans. Into Spanish by Lucia Duero


Ivan Štrpka

              Mantengan el pánico   trans. Into Spanish by Lucia Duero


Mila Haugová

Eternal Traffic

Scent of the Unseen


Mária Ferenčuhová

Tidal Events


Eva Luka


Dana Podracká


Ján Gavura


Jana Bodnárová


Peter Šulej


Juraj Kuniak


Erik Ondrejička


Ivana Dobrakovová




Daniel Majling

              Ruzká klazika


Dominik Tatarka


Fernanda Melchor

              Hurricane Season trans. into English by Sophie Hughes


Maria Lugones


José Emilio Pacheco: Las batallas en el desierto

Josefina Vicens: The Empty Book