Lit_cast Slowakei #15 with Michal Hvorecký

Do you remember the first edition of Lit_cast Slowakei? It went online on April 14 and Michal Hvorecký´s first guest was Mirko Kraetsch, a fantastic, Berlin-residing translator who made it possible for German readers to get acquainted with several Slovak books. After more than seven months, sides are being switched and Marko Kraetsch will be the new host of our podcast. You can take a guess whom he chose as his first guest.

Lit_cast will say goodbye to Michal Hvorecký in an interview with Mirko Kraetsch in which they talk mainly about the colorful identities of the Central European cultural space and about how they all intersect specifically in his case. We wish you a pleasant listening experience and our new host Mirko Kraetsch many inspiring guests. 

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