Literature Night 2021

Literature Night 2021 in fall

Noc literatúry / Literature night 2021

Contemporary authors, non-traditional venues and well-known personalities who read from books: this is the face of a series of public readings – the Literature Night. The aim of the Literature Night events is to increase public interest in contemporary European literature and its currents of thought and creativity. It also points out the importance of multilingualism and the importance of translations from large and small languages. Many European and non-European cities also take part in the Literature Night. The project has been gradually growing and becoming a cultural event with an international dimension. In 2020, however, many cities were unable to take part in the project due to the pandemics. 

This year, Literature Night takes place on the 22nd of September in multiple cities of the Czech Republic. Slovak literature will be represented by Denisa Fulmeková and her book Doktor Mráz (Doctor Frost). 

Slovak actress Zuzana Onufráková will be reading from the book in the Security Services Archive in Prague. Richard Ševčík will read at FDULS (Sutnarka) in Plzeň. In Litomyšl, an excerpt will be read by Karol Bayer, the vice dean of the Faculty of Restoration of University of Pardubice. In Třebíč, the reading will be held in Městská knihovna (Town's Library), and in Kadaň, it will take place in the cells of the State district archive (Státní okresní archivu).

Last year's edition of Literature Night traditionally opened on the eve of the book fair Svět knihy Praha in May. Since due to Covid-19, Svět knihy has been postponed to September, this year's  readings will also take place just before the popular book fair.  

The event is supported by Literárne informačné centrum / The Slovak Literary Center Bratislava.