Live at Buchmesse Frankfurt -- 100 Years of Alexander Dubček

An event at the book fair in Frankfurt under the motto Speech of Freedom -- Freedom of Speech targets the anniversary of Alexander Dubček and his legacy: a "society with a human face."

The series is meant as a benchmark for freedom and togetherness, by showing the connection between different people and their faiths, and the common roots as well as a future in a united and politically and economically free Europe. The organizers together with their guests want to show possible ways to peacefully rebel against totalitarian regimes and also how to get by in the best possible and peaceful way in a foreign land. The greeting will be given by Imrich Donath, honorary consul of the Slovak Republic. 

More information can be found on the website Cultural Days of Slovakia. 

The event 100 Jahre Alexander Dubček - Für eine Gesellschaft mit menschlichem Antlitz / 100 Years of Alexander Dubček - for a Society with a Human Face, will take place on Thursday 21 October 2021, 5 – 6PM. 

Guests: MdB Renata Alt,  Dr. Pavol DubčekMirko Martin and Peter Weiss.
Host: Daniel Kraft 
Greeting: Imrich Donath
Live on YouTube: