Łukasz Kaźmierczak / Łucja Kuttig at the Visegrad Literary Residency

For the fall edition of the Visegrad Literary Residency, between September and November, Bratislava welcomes four authors from the Visegrad countries. Poland is represented by poet Łukasz Kaźmierczak/ Łucja Kuttig. 

"I am introducing myself as Łukasz Kaźmierczak/ Łucja Kuttig, a non-binary, seemingly two-part author's subjectivity, in order to indicate partial and processual identity and a continuous gender continuum, not necessarily compliant with the requirement of heteronormative consistency." 

Łukasz Kaźmierczak/ Łucja Kuttig graduated from engineering studies in nanotechnology, MSc in medical chemistry and later in applied mathematics (Lodz University of Technology). They are currently working on a doctoral dissertation in chemistry on the temperature dependence of processes initiated by ionizing radiation. Their poetic style has been informed by their scientific background in a significant way. 

They have written the prose poetry collection Kokosty (Lodz, 2018) which received the main prize of the J. Bierezin Poetry Competition, and the collection Agresty (Poznan, 2019), which won the Klemens Janicki Poetry Competition. They have also published poetry in various anthologies, magazines and zines. Their third book, called Orzechnia. Orzechnini - Orzechnica - Orzechniczka will be out in November.

During the residency, they will be working on a fourth book of verse, titled human]ikar[yzm. "The collection concentrates on one of the most imperative topics of our times, i.e. on the question of the environmental capacity of the human species from the global perspective and in relation to other organisms."