Michal Hvorecký at the European Literature Days in Austria

Writer Michal Hvorecký will visit the high school in the Austrian town Haag on Thursday 16 November. He will talk about his novel Troll, and about misinformation and freedom of speech with students as part of the European Literature Days festival.

On Friday 17 November at 11.30AM, he will appear in Krems at the Minorite Church together with author Sophie Kimmig from Berlin at the event 'Invisible Life: Inhabitants of the Night'. The moderator will be the literary critic and head of the Hamburg literary house Rainer Moritz.

This year's festival theme is "Animals and Other People". Michal Hvorecký will present excerpts from his forthcoming manuscript The Second Danube, narrated by the legendary beluga sturgeon. After his successful novel Danube in America, he will once again delve into the depths and hidden worlds of Europe's second longest river.

In her new book Lebendige Nacht, author and biologist Sophia Kimmig describes a fascinating parallel world. As soon as the sun goes down, wild animals come to life and a diverse habitat is revealed under the cover of darkness.

More information about the event: https://www.europaeischeliteraturtage.at/de/programm/unsichtbares-leben-bewohnerinnen-der-nacht/1252

Live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RSBhD3mck0