Mila Haugová Receives the International Prize Vilenica 2020

The Vilenica jury selects the prize winner based on literary excellence and plurality in geographic, generational and general sense.

The Vilenica International Literary Festival (Mednarodni literarni festival Vilenica) first started in 1986. It is organized by the Slovene Writers' Association in collaboration with the Cultural Centre Vilenica from Sežana. It aims to connect authors from the broader Central European region. Each year the jury selects a recipient of the international Vilenica Prize. This year's winner is Mila Haugová whose work has been published in Slovenian (e.g. the selection of poetry titled Alfa and published with the support of SLOLIA by Apokalipsa, translation by Alenka Šalej). 

You can watch the festival's official video with the announcement of the winner on YouTube. 
Read an article about this year's Vilenica Prize winner, Slovak poet Mila Haugová, which includes her profile and description of her work in English.

In 1997 the Slovak writer Pavel Vilikovský won the prize. The list of previous Vilenica Prize winners and information about the festival in English and in Slovenian can be found on the official website of the festival and on Facebook


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The author of Mila Haugová's portrait is Lucia Gardin.