A New Book: He, Pišťanek

A monograph about the work of an author who viewed the writer as a jester who is supposed to entertain and to also give valuable insights. 

Peter Darovec's monograph presents Peter Pišťanek as a break-through author of the 1990's who had opened a brand new world within the Slovak literature - the world of mafia and prostitutes and their life style and specific behavior, complete with an argot and its terminology. Without moralizing, he wrote not only about human superficiality, spiritual emptiness and intellectual laziness but also about the manipulative practices of those in power. Many have followed in his footsteps since then but only Pišťanek was able to transform the lowly reality of the post-revolution era into highly literary prose. 

Boris Meluš is the author of the book design. Jozef Gertli Danglár has illustrated the book and created its cover. 

Knižná revue 05/2020 will feature an interview with Peter Darovec where he answers questions about writing the book. The interview will be available on this website. 

You can find and order the book here for the price of 13€. You can also buy the book at our store KNIHY LIC at Námestie SNP 12, Bratislava for 12€

It is also available at other bookstores of your choice.