Not Being Heard Is No Reason for Silence

On 21 April the Epic Residencies project together with the Gunnar Gunnarsson Institute and the Writers’ Union of Iceland organize the literary event Not Being Heard Is No Reason for Silence, for the title of which they borrowed a quote from Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. The event is part of the Reykjavík International Literary Festival and it takes place in the cultural space of café Iðnó in Reykjavík at 5PM. Three Slovak authors will participate: Dominika Moravčíková, Juliana Sokolová and Jakub Juhás. 

Writers from Slovakia will share their work alongside foreign-born writers who have made a mark on Iceland’s literary scene in recent years. The excerpts of Slovak authors were translated into English by John Minahane and the translation was supported by the Slovak Literary Centre (SLC). The Epic Residencies project promotes cultural collaboration between Iceland, Slovakia, and Norway and it was supported by the EEA and Norway grants

The discussion will revolve around the topic of the status of literature in Slovakia and Central Europe, with a comparison to Icelandic literature. The role of an author during difficult times and the significance of literature for minority groups will also be explored. The event will also feature a discussion about the experiences of being a foreign-born writer in Iceland.