Open Call: Grant for a Translation into German

The Slovak Literary Center (LIC) announces an open call for a financial grant for a translation sample of original Slovak literature into German language. 

Basic Information

The grant for a translation sample from a work of original Slovak literature into German lanaguage allows professional literary translators to apply for a financial assistance without commitment of a publishing contract. The grant covers the translator's fee for a sample of a literary work that they are interested in translating in its entirety, thus allowing them to obtain German-language material that they can use when negotiating with potential publishers. 

The fee 18 Euro per standard page applies to a sample of 15-25 standard pages (1 page: 1800 characters) in German language. 

Translators who will be awarded the sample grant are automatically eligible for the translators' residency SCUP in Bratislava. 



Open call announcement: 1 May 2021

Application deadline: 31 May 2021

Announcement of supported applicants: 10 June 2021

Translation submission: 30 August 2021


Application must include:

1. CV and contact information (telephone number, email, address)

2. chosen sample in Slovak

3. motivation letter

4. written proposal of the next step: names of the publishing houses the translator will approach with the translation and an explanation of the particular choice (past collaboration or communication, profile of the publisher, etc.)


The application must be received before or on 30 May 2021 the latest, and it must be sent via email and mail to the following addresses:

Literárne informačné centrum (LIC)

Námestie SNP 12

812 24 Bratislava



-- The chosen text must be a work of original Slovak literature, fiction, essay, reportage or literature for children and YA. (The call does not include poetry and scientific literature.)

-- The chosen work must not be previously published in German language. Works with signed license agreements will not be considered either. The chosen sample must not be previously published in magazines or anthologies in German language. We do not accept samples that have been commissioned and paid for by LIC in the past. You can find the list of texts and samples published in magazines and anthologies here

-- LIC gains the rights for the translation of the sample and may use it for its promotion materials and activities. 

-- The grant money will be paid after the sample-submission deadline / 30 August 2021 / when the translator hands in the translated sample in the required quality.

-- All translators into German language may apply for the grant; translators whose book translations have been published in a German-speaking country will be preferred. 


Consultations are possible with Petra Mikulasova at


Additional information about the SCUP residency can be found on our website

Additional information about the grant program SLOLIA can be found here