Pavol Rankov on a month-long residency in Berlin

Pavol Rankov will spend several summer weeks at the residency house Literarisches Colloquium Berlin. He will also attend a literary event at the Slovak Institute.

During his stay in LCB (17 June – 15 July), Pavol Rankov will be able to fully concetrate on his writing. This is the second Slovak author who has been invited by the at the sought-after international residency house Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (LCB) and supported by a scholarship from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Last year, one of the residents was author Katarína Kucbelová.

Pavol Rankov will present his book Der kleine Donaukrieg (The Holy Butcher of Samorin and Other Stories from the Small Danube War) on Wednesday 19 June at 7 pm at the premises of the Slovak Embassy and the Slovak Institute in Berlin (Hildebrandstr. 25). The host of the event will be translator Mirko Kraetsch. Michaela Tomaníková will accompany the discussion on piano.

With his book Der kleine Donaukrieg (Danube books, 2022), which has been translated into German by Slávka Rude-Porubská, the author has already presented himself in Germany in Frankfurt am Main, Regensburg, Leipzig and Ulm.

Rankov's political thriller about a fictitious war on the Slovak-Hungarian border is a bitter yet surprisingly humorous commentary on the various armed conflicts taking place today. It describes with ease the fragility of the power threads by which our everyday lives are hanging.

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