Reading and workshop at the University of Regensburg with Zuzana Husárová, author of experimental poetry

The Institute of Slavonic Studies at the University of Regensburg, in cooperation with the Slovak Literary Centre and the Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic in Munich, has prepared another literary event for its students with the participation of an author from Slovakia. Zuzana Husárová is mainly engaged in sound poetry and digital art — she will also present her poems and original creative methods of creation to the students.

On Monday, 27 May at 6PM, a reading from Zuzana Husárová's poems will take place in the presentation room of the information centre of the central library at the University of Regensburg, moderated by Mirja Lecke from the Department of Slavic Literature and Cultural Studies and Renáta Pavlová, lecturer in Slovak language, and will be held at the University of Regensburg.

On Tuesday, 28 May, from 10.00AM, Husárová will lead a workshop on generating poems using the Liza Gennart neural network, which she created together with Ľubomír Panák. For this collection, titled Výsledky vzniku (Results of the Origin), the authors were awarded the Golden Wave 2021 prize.

Zuzana Husárová is a literary scholar, poet and teacher. She researches electronic literature and digital media, as well as the creation of interactive poetry and poetic performances. She debuted with the book of visual poetry liminal (in English 2012, in Slovak 2013), followed by another book of visual poetry titled lucent (2013). In 2021, the German publishing house hochroth published a selection of her poems in a bilingual German-Slovak edition entitled Hyper.