Slovak Literature Has an English Website

The Centre for Information on Literature is launching a website about Slovak literature in English called Books from Slovakia. 

On the English website, foreign publishers, translators, book professionals and readers will find selected profiles of Slovak authors and their works, a database of books that were published abroad with the support of the grant program SLOLIA as well as news about events related to Slovak literature happening in the world.  

The cancellation of all relevant international book fairs where new books are promoted and contracts are signed has sped up the construction of the website. Although it is only a small compensation for the personal meetings with professionals from around the world that we are missing this year, we believe the site will prove to be a helpful navigator through contemporary literary events. 

For the literary professional, the site offers a variety of information. There are reviews of Slovak books published in translation, information about grants and residencies for translators and authors, catalogues of Slovak books as well as a database of both Slovak and foreign publishers, lectorates of Slovak language, Slovak Institutes abroad, translation houses, bookstores and printers. 

However, Books from Slovakia does not only target professionals. For a broader group of Slovak-literature enthusiasts, there are interviews with Slovak authors translated into English, articles about how Slovak literature is presented at international book fairs and festivals, and information about authors' readings and other literary events abroad. 

The site also features unique podcasts about Slovak literature recorded in English and in German: LIT_CAST Slovakia and LIT_CAST Slowakei. The hosts of these podcasts, Julia Sherwood and Michal Hvorecký, invite interesting guests - mostly translators of Slovak literature and foreign publishers and experts on Slovak literature - for an interview in their virtual studio. 

Books from Slovakia can be found here: Books from Slovakia Facebook and Instagram profiles have been launched simultaneously.