TROJICA AIR Residencies Results

The residencies of the first half of 2021 were awarded to:

Miłos Waligórski, Poland 16 January – 15 February 2021

(translating the book Østrov / Island by Peter Balko)

Tünde Mészáros,  Hungary 16 February - 15 March 2021

(translating the book Posledná barónka / The Last Baroness by Silvester Lavrík)

Aiman Saad, Egypt 16 March – 15 April 2021

(translating the book Večne je zelený / Ever Green Is by Pavol Vilikovský)  

- cancelled by the resident due to the pandemic Covid-19


Timea Karlosson, Sweden (16 March - 15 April 2021)  

(translating books Once in Losonc by Peter Balko) 


Maja Novković, Croatia 16 April - 15 May 2021

(translating the book Spolu / Together by Peter Šulej)


Iryna Pushkar, Ukraine, 16 June – 15 July 2021

(translating books Telesná výchova by Martin M. Šimečka and Matky a kamionisti / Mothers and Lorry Drivers by Ivana Dobrakovová)



Application deadline for the next six residencies (the second half of the year): 11 APRIL 2021. Results of the awarded applications: 15 APRIL 2021.

Application must include:

a/ CV and contact information (telephone, email, address),

b/ Letter explaining the choice of the translation,

c/ Letter of intent from the publishing house in which the translated book should be published, or a contract with the publisher. (Although the conditions of the residency prefer projects that guarantee a future publication, projects that show a preliminary interest of the publisher will also be considered.),

d/ Licence contract between the author of the original book and the publisher for a translation of the book or a permission from the author of the original book to translate the book in case of submitting a letter of intent from the publishing house,

e/ Preferred date of the residency as well as alternative dates. 

f/ Translators who were unable to attend their residency in 2020 due to quarantine restrictions and who are still interested to attend will have a priority this year or next year with the same translation they applied with last year - if the project has not yet been finished - or with a new project. 


Applications must be submitted within the deadlines both by email and postal service to these addresses:

Literárne informačné centrum

Námestie SNP 12

81102 Bratislava

Slovenská republika




Additional information:

  • The chosen book must be an original Slovak work of prose, an essay, a reportage or literature for children or young adults. (The call does not consider scientific and academic literary works.)

  • The book must not be previously published in the chosen language. 



  • When considering the applications, the most important factor will be a contractual affirmation of the future translation and a guarantee of its future publication. 

  • We look at the book selection and we advise translators to orient themselves within the books that have resonated in Slovakia in the past (awards, reviews, positive feedback) and that have been translated into other languages.

  • We also evaluate the translator's experiences and her/his published translations. 



Trojica AIR is a residency project for translators of Slovak literature realized in cooperation with FPU, Town of Banská Štiavnica and o.z. Literatúra. The project is supported by Fond na podporu umenia (Slovak Arts Council) and LITA (Civil Association of Authors).

The translator will have a one-bedroom apartment and a study for their use in the center of Banská Štiavnica on Trojičné square.

(photograph: Freepik