Here are the names of the residents who will start their TROJICA AIR residencies in the second half of 2021. 

We are announcing the results for the second half of 2021 for the TROJICA AIR residencies:

16 June - 15 July

Mika Laaksonen

Translation of samples of Slovak authors into Finnish and putting together the Slovak edition of the Finnish literary magazine Särö


16 July – 15 August

Michal Harpáň

Translation of Marek Vadas' Zlá štvrť / A Bad Neighborhood into Serbian


16 August – 15 September

Miroslav Zelinský

Translation of Peter Šulej's Fytopalentológia / Phytopaleontology into Czech


16 September – 15 October

Lucia Duero

Translation of Mária Ferenčuhová's Černozem / Black Earth into Spanish


16 October – 15 November

Helliana Ianculescu

Translation of Etela Farkašová's Scenár / The Screenpaĺay into Romanian


16 November – 15 December

Charles S. Kraszewski

Translation of Janko Jesenský's work into English: Cestou k slobode / On the Road to Freedom and selected poems from the collections Zo zajatia / From Captivity and Čierne dni / Black Days


Committee members Barbora Németh, Dagmar Zúbková, Katarína Balcarová Kucbelová, Petra Mikulášová and Peter Michalík selected the recipients out of eight applications. They would like to encourage the applicants who did not get the support (Ivan Jackanin and Aleksandra Kovalčuk) to try again in the next call.  The 2022 call will be announced in September 2021.

TROJICA artist in residence is part of Almázie Štiavnica: Mesto kultúry 2019, and it is organized in collaboration with the town of Banská Štiavnica and the project BANSKÁ ST A NICA, and with the support of Fond na podporu umenia / The Arts Council. In 2021, the project is supported by FPU and also by LITA - autorská spoločnosť. LIC / The Slovak Literary Center is the producer and organizer of these residencies as well as the accompanying events. The coordinator of the project is Katarína Balcarová Kucbelová.
Photography: Freepik