Uršuľa Kovalyk in Wales Arts Review

Glen James Brown writes about Uršuľa Kovalyk's books The Night Circus and Other Stories and The Equestrienne in his review The Style of Uršuľa Kovalyk, published in Wales Arts Review on October 5th, 2021. The books, translated from Slovak into English by Julia and Peter Sherwood, were published by Parthian Books

In the article, Brown says about Kovalyk's writing: "Her stories walk a razor wire between control and chaos, the cosmic and the commonplace. They’re also frequently very funny. Kovalyk is that rarest of writers—one capable of continually wrongfooting you whilst keeping you totally invested. However fantastical her worlds may seem, they remain profoundly and deeply rooted in human experience."

To read the full review, please see The Style of Uršuľa Kovalyk in Wales Arts Review.