Visegrad Literary Residency Program Changed Schedule

Were it not for the pandemics, in a month's time, we would be welcoming the recipients of the Visegrad Literary Residency Program in Bratislava, just like we do each year. Due to the corona virus situation and the problematic situation at the borders, however, we have decided together with our partners to postpone the beginning of the spring residency program from May 1st to July 1st 2021. We believe that the decreasing number of infected persons will be favorable to loosening of the measures and most of all, of the strict policy at the borders. We also believe this will increase the safety as well as the quality of the creative stay for our residents, enabling them to enjoy the atmosfphere of the city and the country that will become their creative home for six weeks. The fall program's date remains unchanged: 1 September – 31 November 2021.

The committee members Miroslava Vallová, Marta Součková, Viktor Suchý, Michal Tallo and Eva Tomkuliaková have selected the following recipients:

  Bratislava Prague Budapest Krakow


(1 Jul – 12 Aug 2021)

Silvia Ruppeldtová

(Erik Šimšík as a substitute)

Peter Šulej

(Michal Baláž as a substitute)

Pavol Rankov

(Tomáš Hučko as a substitute)

Jana Bodnárová

(Ivana Komanická as a substitute)


(1 Sept – 30 Nov 2021)

Michal Harpáň

(Anabela Žigová as a substitute)

Tünde Mészáros

(Eva Schwardy as a substitute)

Jakub Juhás

(Flóra Peťovská as a substitute)

Veronika Cosculluela

(Anabela Žigová as a substitute)


And who are the authors who will be staying in Bratislava as residents of the spring program? Martin Škabraha from the Czech Republic, Paweł Pieniążek from Poland, Roland Orcsik from Hungary, and Silvia Ruppeldtová representing Slovakia. In the upcoming weeks, we will introduce the residents of the spring Visegrad Literary Residency Program in further detail.  

Congratulations to the selected residents! We wish you an inspired and fruitful stay.