Dominik Tatarka foto 2
Foto © Anton Šmotlák (1964)

Dominik Tatarka

14. 3. 1913
—  10. 5. 1989
essay, nonfiction, other, , screenwriting, general fiction
Tatarka was an acclaimed writer, thinker and literary idol. He became the symbol of the disent and subsequently for freedom when he got banned from public life and from publishing. He studied Slovak and French in Prague and in Paris. He had signed the Charter 77. The early novella Panna zázračnica (1944) became one of the books to receive a reedition in 2009, together with the two arguably most-acclaimed books Démon súhlasu (The Demon of Approval, 1st edition in 1963) and Prútené kreslá (Wicker Chairs, 1st edition in 1963). Read more