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Erik Jakub Groch

25. 4. 1957
editorial activities, ya and children's books, other, poetry, radio production, general fiction, comics & graphic novels

About author

Groch has enriched the concept of tradition and intertextuality by an area of the unspoken where tradition "signs up" to the author's code rather than the theme. On the other hand, Erik Groch's interest in fairy tales shown in his second book has been complemented by his interest in "primitive ", or to be precise, in proto-religions and neopaganism. Groch's phytomorphic and zoomorphic metaphors make accessible the world of long forgotten original unity and cultural layers. The publishing and perceptional background of the eighties created a certain semiotic counterpoint that was later modified into semiotic profit. Considering the almost eccentric differentiation between prose and poetry, which came as a reaction to the loyal civility of poetry during the seventies, Groch prefers simple means of expression of elementary meanings.
Stanislava Chrobáková