Ivan Krasko foto 1

Ivan Krasko

12. 7. 1876
—  3. 3. 1958
Ivan Krasko, Janko Cigáň, Bohdana J. Potokinová
general fiction, poetry

Curriculum vitae

Ján Krasko's real name was Ján Botto. He was in Lukovištia in 1876. He studied at the Hungarian gymnasium in Rimavská Sobota, at the German gymnasium in Sibiu and at the Romanian gymnasium in Brashov (both in today's Romania). He then pursued chemical engineering studies in Prague from 1900 to 1905. He worked as an engineer at the sugar factory in Klobuky near Prague (he wrote much of his poetry there) and at the chemical plant in Slaný. He went to war in 1914; after returning, at the end of 1918, he applied to serve the newly established Czechoslovak Republic, and became first a member of the parliament, later a senator. He lived in Bratislava, retired in 1938, and moved to Piešťany in 1943. Krasko died in Bratislava in 1958.