Ivana Dobrakovová

17. 4. 1982
general fiction, other, literature, poetry

Curriculum vitae

Dobrakovová is the author of the short-stories collections Prvá smrť v rodine (First Death in the Family, 2009), Toxo (2013), Matky a kamionisti (Mothers and Truckers, 2018) and the novel Bellevue (2010). All four books have made the final selection of the prestigious Anasoft Litera Award. Mothers and Lorry Drivers won the European Prize for Literature in 2019. Her stories and novel have been published in several European countries and are currently being translated into twelve other languages. Her new novel Pod slnkom Turína (Under the Turin Sun) is scheduled to be published in November 2021. As a translator she has translated about twenty books from Italian and French. Among her translations are novels by French authors Emmanuel Carrère, Simone de Beauvoir and Marie NDiaye, and by Italian authors Elena Ferrante (Neapolitan Novels and more), Valeria Parrella and Simona Vinci. She lives in Turin.