Ján Buzássy foto 2

Ján Buzássy

10. 4. 1935
poetry, essay, other

Complete list of works

A Game with Knives (Hra s nožmi, 1965), The School of Cynics (Škola kynická, 1966), Nausicaa (Nausikaá, 1970), Beauty Leads the Stone (Krása vedie kameň, 1972), Fairy Tale (Rozprávka, 1975), Phonolite (Znelec, 1975), A Year (Rok, 1976), Spirit of the Elderberry (Bazová duša, 1978), Saint John`s Wort (Ľubovník, 1979), Plain, Mountains (Pláň, hory, 1982), The Golden Section (Zlatý rez, 1988), Remedy with Wine (Náprava vínom, 1993), Days (Dni, 1995), The Light of Waters, a Cycle (Svetlo vôd, cyklus, 1997), A Walk in Autumn (Prechádzka jeseňou, 2000), Mrs. Faust and Other Poems (Pani Faustová
a iné básne, 2001), Still Life - A Short Fasting (Zátišie - krátky pôst, 2004). The collection of poems, Nenogista roze, published in 2011 in Latvian contains also selected poems by him. 

T. S. Eliot: The Wasteland (1966), O. Davico: Gale Market (1967), I. Bunin: The Village (1973), G. G. Byron: The Corsair (1983), A. S. Pushkin: Lyrics, Poems and Fairy Tales (1983), A. Henri, R. Mc- Gough and B. Patten: The Liverpool Scene (1986), G. G. Byron: The Wanderings of Childe Harold (1988), B. Pasternak: My Sister Life (1991),
A. Ginsberg: Howl (1991), E. Pound: The Lake Isle (1994), G. G. Byron: The Prisoner of Chillon (1999), The Hebrew Melodies (1999). (All translations from English made in co-operation with Z. Hegedűsová.), G.G. Byron - Don Juan (2002)

Translations of Buzássy`s poems have appeared abroad in many anthologies of Slovak poetry.
Temporary Eternity (1988 Norwegian, selected poems)
The Hope of a Tree, A Man`s Song (1989 Czech, selected poems)
Melancholy Hunter (2001 English, selected poems)

Selected Poems ,,Nenogista roze" (2011, Latvian)