Ján Ondruš foto 1

Ján Ondruš

11. 3. 1932
Nová Vieska
—  7. 11. 2000
Ján Bábik
general fiction, poetry, ya and children's books, other

Complete list of works

Insane Moon (Šialený mesiac, 1965), Gesture with a Flower (Posunok s kvetom, 1968), In a State of Gall (V stave žlče, 1968), Genuflection (Kľak, 1970), Male Spice (Mužské korenie, 1972), Memory (Pamäť, 1982, selection from his works), Egg (Vajíčko, from the unpublished debut; 1984), Swallowing a Hair (Prehĺtanie vlasu, 1996, a collection of his re-edited books), Sheep in a Wolf 's Clothing (Ovca vo vlčej koži, 1997)

translations by the author:
Ondruš translated and published a volume of V. Popa's poems.

works translated:
I Will Not Sign My Face (1995 Norwegian)
Leaving from a Mirror (1997 Bulgarian)
Tightrope Walker (1998 English)
A Hat of Wine (2000 German)