Ján Ondruš foto 1

Ján Ondruš

11. 3. 1932
Nová Vieska
—  7. 11. 2000
Ján Bábik
general fiction, poetry, ya and children's books, other

Curriculum vitae

Ján Ondruš was born in Nová Vieska in 1932. He started to publish poetry in periodicals as an eleven-year-old boy. After graduating from the secondary school (1948 - 1951) in Nitra, he studied at the Institute of Political Sciences and Economy in Prague, but had to leave because he was ill (he suffered from tuberculosis). He subsequently worked in several places as a librarian and as accountant. His debut collection Egg (1958) was rejected by the socialist-realist magazine editors. In a bad atmosphere that surrounded his person, his health suffered a relapse and from 1961 he had been living on a disability pension. Ondruš died on November 7th 2000 in Stupava.