Ján Rozner foto 1

Ján Rozner

4. 12. 1922
—  25. 9. 2006
Mníchov (Nemecko)
literary science, nonfiction

Complete list of works

Sedem dní do pohrebu (Seven Days to the Funeral, 2009)

A detailed description of the first week following the death of Zora Jesenská, the significant Slovak translator and persona non grata for political structures, Seven Days to the Funeral is much more than a lightly-fictionalized memoir. It is also a historical record of the so-called normalization period – a restoration of hard-line communism that followed the crushing of the Prague Spring – and of the devastating impact of politics on people’s lives. The book is also a moving love story of an unlikely couple: she the scion of one of the most illustrious Slovak families; he – scandalously, 13 years younger, the son of German mother and Jewish intellectual father.