Jozef Puškáš foto 2
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Jozef Puškáš

9. 2. 1951
essay, ya and children's books, other, , screenwriting, general fiction

Jozef Puškáš is the author of analytic and intellectual reflective prose with repeated motifs of threats to man in the spheres of biology and the psyche. Trivial exterior causes in the internal world of the protagonists due to their self-analytical view develop serious consequences. He uses different variants of prosaic genre from psychological tales through to science fiction, horror and the grotesque. He often works with hyperbole and astonishing denouements. In his tales and novellas Puškáš presents himself as the penetrating explorer of the paradoxes of life, an expert in the popular psyche and an uncompromising exposer of the undesirable, often tragic consequences of the seemingly private and innocent behaviour of his contemporaries. The charm of his work multiplies a sense for micropositions and function of details, a mastery of abbreviation and sentence structure and not least a gentle, but exactly targeted irony. Social-historic motivations are suppressed in the short stories and are more evident in the novellas and novels (and also scenarios). The precise analysis, unconventionality and strict form have given Puškáš an individual place in Slovak prose.

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