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Leopold Lahola

30. 1. 1918
—  12. 1. 1968
editorial activities, general fiction, literary science, poetry, screenwriting, theatre & drama & film

Complete list of works

dramatic work (theatre plays):
No Wind in Zuele (Bezvetrie v Zuele, 1947), The Four Sides of the Earth (Štyri strany sveta, 1948), Assassination Attempt (Atentát, 1949), Spots on the Sun (Škvrny na slnku, 1967), Inferno (Inferno, 1968); (film scripts and films directed by the author) White Darkness (1948), Returning Home (1948), Wolves' Lairs (1948), Small Episode (1948),
At Each Milestone (1952), Tent City (1953), The Devil Plays the Balalaika (1961), The Sweet Time of Kalimagdora (1968, adaptation of Jan Weiss's novel The Sleeper in the Zodiac)

The Last Thing (Posledná vec, 1968)

Like a Scorpion's Poison (Ako jed škorpióna, 1995, posthumous reconstruction)

translations by the author:
Lahola translated a selection of Hebrew poetry, Chamsin (1940)

works translated:
The Last Thing (1969 Czech, 1993 Hungarian, 1999 Serbian /only the short story The Last Thing/). Some of his short stories were translated into Hebrew, English, French, and German, some plays into Hebrew.