Margita Figuli foto 1

Margita Figuli

2. 10. 1909
Vyšný Kubín
—  26. 3. 1995
Morena, Oľga Morena
essay, general fiction, literary science, radio production, ya and children's books
Figuli's first book came into being in co-operation with the artist Koloman Sokol who illustrated her short story A Little Knot Of Warmth, as a bibliophile supplement to the anthology Hollar's Graphic Art. In the following year she published a book of ten short stories, Temptation where she makes specific her own individual effort to diversify the romantic tendencies of the naturism era in Slovak literature attaining a rhythmical affinity with epic surface composed of lyrical feeling tinged with impressionism. The novella Three Chestnut Horses expressed most completely the key motifs of Slovak naturism, the standards implicit in nature in conflict with those dictated by civilisation. Read more