Mária Modrovich

general fiction, other, ya and children's books

Curriculum vitae

The writing of Mária Modrovich has been in part informed by her stays abroad and by the ambiguity of existing between two places. She was known for her op-ed columns which she wrote for Slovak newspapers during her stay in New York City (e.g. Letters from NY for SME). She is the author of 4 books of prose.

In her short story collection Lu & Mira (KK Bagala, 2011), she draws both on tales of friends at home and abroad as well as from her own experience. In the novel Tichý režim (Drewo a srd, 2013), she tells two simultaneous stories about a love affair between Helena and Miky, a New Yorker, and about Helena being stalked by a virtual observer. In this work, she tries to penetrate the psychological processes of both the stalker and the victim.

Flešbek (2017) is a collection of ten stories depicting the female narrators’ struggle to find their own identity after facing motherhood and especially the social expectations motherhood presents. The book has made the TOP 5 finalists' list of the Anasoft Litera Award 2018 and was nominated for the European Union Prize for Literature 2019. 

In 2019, her book of fictional interviews with members of an isolated community titled Interview with a Cult Member came out. The title was staged as an eponymous play at Mestské divadlo Žilina, under the direction of Petra Fornayová in 2023. In the same year, it was also staged as "Jodłowa dolina" in Teatr Śłaski in Katowice, Poland by Katarzyna Dudzic-Grabińska.

Modrovich is member of the organizational team of the international literary festival Novotvar which takes place in Bratislava each October.