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Peter Krištúfek

23. 6. 1973
—  23. 4. 2018
general fiction, literary science, literature, other, poetry, comics & graphic novels
Krištúfek was a fiction, poetry and film writer, as well as a film maker. His novel Šepkár (The Prompter, 2008) was nominated for the EU Prize for Literature and for the Anasoft Litera Prize in 2008. His novels, Blíženci a protinožci (Gemini and Antipodeans, 2010) and Dom hluchého (House of the Deaf Man, 2012) were also shortlisted for Anasoft Litera. Atlas zabúdania (Atlas of Forgetting, 2013) and Ema a srmtihlav (Emma and the Death’s Moth) focused on the period of WWII in Slovakia. Read more
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