Peter Krištúfek foto 2

Peter Krištúfek

23. 6. 1973
—  23. 4. 2018
general fiction, literary science, literature, other, poetry, comics & graphic novels

Curriculum vitae

Peter Krištúfek wrote fiction and poetry, and he was also a film-maker and script-writer. He had directed TV programs about literature, books and the arts. His film work has received various festival awards. He is the author of three collections of short stories and three novels. His novel Šepkár (The Prompter, 2008), an absurdist parody of social mores, was nominated for the EU Prize for Literature and for the Anasoft Litera Prize in 2008. His next two novels, Blíženci a protinožci (Gemini and Antipodeans, 2010) and Dom hluchého (House of the Deaf Man, 2012) were both shortlisted for Anasoft Litera. They were followed by the conceptual book Atlas zabúdania (Atlas of Forgetting, 2013) and Ema a srmtihlav (Emma and the Death’s Moth), both mapping the period of WWII in Slovakia. Lady Xanax, pán Snehulienka a ja (2018) came out a month after the author’s tragic unexpected death.