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Peter Repka

14. 1. 1944
literary science, other, poetry

Curriculum vitae

Peter Repka, member of the group of poets Osamelí bežci (Lonely Runners, together with Ivan Štrpka and Ivan Laučík), worked as a reporter and editor for the Mladá tvorba magazine up until 1970. In 1973, he moved to Germany. He debuted in the almanach of young poetry Dúfam, že nevyrušujem, Eva... (I Hope I’m Not Disturbing, Eva..., 1963). He is the author of the poetry collections Sliepka v katedrále (A Hen in the Cathedral, 1969), Že-lez-ni-ce (Rail-ways, 1992), Priateľka púšť (My Girlfriend, the Desert, 1996), Karneval v kláštore (A Carnival in the Monastery, 2002) and Relikvie anjelov (Relics of Angels, 2006). In 2005, a selection of his work written before the revolution plus some of his more recent poems and poetic cycles came out, entitled Básne (Poems). In 2012, Repka published the collection of autobiographical short stories Spätné zrkadlo (The Rearview Mirror).