Štefan Žáry foto 1

Štefan Žáry

12. 12. 1918
—  25. 8. 2007
essay, general fiction, nonfiction, other, poetry, theatre & drama & film, ya and children's books
The type and range of the work of Štefan Žáry is quite wide. Žáry is mainly a poet but at the same time he is the author of impressive novellas and novels, of verse drama, books for children, biographical essays and articles of recollection. He was also a translator, focusing mainly on modern French poetry. As a poet he underwent a number of developmental stages. He entered Slovak literature while still a secondary-school student in 1938 with a collection that was traditional in tone. After he began his university studies in Bratislava, he joined a group of avant-garde poets inspired - mainly via Nezval's poetry - by French surrealism. Read more