Václav Pankovčín foto 1
Foto©Peter Procházka

Václav Pankovčín

21. 5. 1968
—  18. 1. 1999
ya and children's books, literary science, other, , general fiction
Pankovčín used elements of magic and the inexplicable in rational situations. He debuted in 1992 with a collection of adventure stories for children, Mamut v chladničke (A Mammoth in the Fridge), followed by Asi som neprišiel len tak (I Guess I Must Have Come for a Reason, 1992), Marakéš (1994), Tri ženy pod orechom (Three Women Under a Walnut Tree, 1996), Bude to pekný pohreb (It Will Be a Beautiful Funeral, 1997) and Polárny motýľ (The Polar Butterfly, 1997). A few days before his tragic death he completed the novel Lináres. Read more