Katarína Kerekesová
Katarína Moláková

Mimi a Líza / Mimi and Líza

Mimi is a blind little girl who lives with her father in a completely ordinary block of flats and is every day surrounded by a black-and-white fog and the same sounds. And then she meets and becomes friends with a vivacious girl called Líza who moves into the flat opposite with her mother. Each of their stories begins innocently enough but then Mimi and Líza gradually enter an imaginary world full of incredible experiences. There they find themselves in a huge castle made of colourful building blocks where they are imprisoned by a raucous jester from Líza’s locked suitcase. Mimi teaches Líza not to be afraid of the dark. They discover the magic of a colourful rainbow for Auntie Grey, the housekeeper, and thanks to Líza, Mima gets to know colours with her hands and ears. They become acquainted with the ladies from their pexeso cards and with the twins next door and then, on a whinnying sewing machine they enter a world of wonderment, full of yarns, knits and other fabrics. Together they search for shadowtrees in the balcony jungle. Using the services of Agent Vitamin, they rescue the vocal chords of Mrs Songstress. Because Mimi can see invisible things, they are able to help find an invisible fish. At Christmas they move to the City of Presents where they meet a lonely and bad-tempered dog who becomes their shared present.

Mimi and Líza will make you burst out laughing as they happily show you how easily the impossible can become possible.

There is now a sequel to Mimi and Líza and the popular cartoon series with the same name has won several international awards.



The Most Beautiful Book in Slovakia 2013 in the Children’s and Teenage Literature category

The Best Book of Autumn 2001

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Children's and YA Books (Religious)

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Katarína Kerekesová
Katarína Moláková