Nylonový mesiac / Nylon Moon

Blažková's unconventional heroine, insisting on “freedom of choice” in her sex life, represented a remarkable step forward in what used to be called the “emancipation” of fictional heroines. The revolt of young heroines against the conventions of the uptight early 1960s was the central theme of Blažková's books. 

The thirty-year-old attractive architect Andrej is facing a choice between two women. He rejects boredom in the form of a reliable but unattractive nurse Drahuša and decides to play with fire, represented by her colleague Vanda. In this relationship, he loses the dominant position to which he is accustomed in relation to his partners, as well as his unconventional views on the futility of marriage. The young couple spend their time sitting in cafés and wandering around old Petržalka on the banks of the Danube. Through spending time with Vanda, Andrej changes his freethinking attitudes and leans towards a more traditional understanding of a relationship.  However, the spontaneous Vanda who enjoys life to the full and lives in the moment, begins to feel her freedom slowly disappearing whenever she is with Andrej. His excessive infatuation, care and efforts to own her and settle down arouse in her a desire for freedom, a loss of excitement and ultimate indifference.


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