In Brazil, when you stick a pencil in the ground, within a week it has grown into a jungle.

When you open this book, you will find yourself in another world. Its main character is Szoborkay, a Slovak Hungarian, who moves from Europe to the fictive Brazilian town of Tantalópolis, to work as a natural scientist in the university there. Szoborkay is a nomad, a loner, a distinguished person; after all, his knowledge of the fine arts, which thanks to his mother and girl cousins he has been cultivating since early childhood, is as wide as the Amazon. It is hardly surprising that his main problem is corporeality. In the foreground the narrative is a story of a middle-aged man settling down in a foreign geographical and cultural environment, where he comes up against the South American climate, its society and flourishing bureaucracy. He thus creates an insightful picture of a hot Latin American country. On a less obvious level Tantalópolis pays tribute to the disappearing world of Szoborkay’s childhood, 20th century Europe. A special feature of the novel is the atypical sentence structure, which aims to disturb the text’s own rhythm and thus hold the reader’s attention. It is a book about the hot tropics, which will, however, give you pleasant shivers.

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