Žirafia mama a iné príšery / The Giraffe Mother and Other Monsters

21 short tales that together form a story about the mother of a giraffe and the mother of a elephant in each of which the characters do something truly bizarre:  they go flying on a kite and sledging down a sleigh run onto a bear’s head; a princess wants a dragon; a mysterious girl hides in a piano. There is no limit to the author’s imagination. The characters are children, adults and amazing creatures such as the dinosaur Rororo, the Bouncer and the ogres Vitrok and Softar. During their adventures, it is always one of the adults who starts to behave irresponsibly and gets into difficulties – and always a child who helps them out of them: Alica carries her injured mother down from the mountains and tames her adrenalin cravings, Alan helps his father with his forgetfulness, Milko escapes from the Central House of Correction. The stories quickly get tangled up and the reader crosses the boundaries between them with consummate ease. 

Whereas all the weird and wonderful creatures on display will appeal mostly to children, the message of each story is primarily intended for their parents. It is parents, after all, who fail in these stories.


Awards: Best Children’s Book of spring and summer 2013; included in the 2014 White Raven catalogue of the world’s best children’s books.


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Martina Matlovičová